Want to reconnect with Earth, eat healthy, get exercise, learn new skills, and meet great people? Will Forage for Food holds camps, classes, and community events that you will love!

There are a variety of classes to offer plenty of opportunities to come together and practice skills. The topics of these classes range from edible and medicinal plant walks to mushroom growing to cooking classes to tanning and primitive tool making, and a whole lot more. Some classes are just a few hours, some are weekend long camps, and some are online. Some are small, less than a dozen students. And then there is the annnual Gathering with dozens of instructors and a couple hundred participants. There is something here for everyone. See our Upcoming Classes and Events page for class info.

Due to the nature of these clsses, some of our outdoor events are held in areas that are not accessible to those with limited mobility. If you have mobility issues please contact us before registering. We try not to exclude anyone from classes due to cost, so if you cannot afford the fee please contact us to discuss barter or work study.

Who are we?

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Rachel Mifsud, founder (and everything else)

“I hate going to the store. I do my grocery shopping in the woods.”

As a child I often camped, hunted, trapped, and harvested and preserved foods with my family. Through years of practice, I have learned to gather, process, produce, and preserve a large proportion of the foods, medicines, and household products that I need.  I am a lifelong student of the environment and primitive skills, with a special interest in understanding why nature creates those characteristics that give plants and animals their unique and useful qualities. I have my BS in Environmental Biology and my MS in Ecology. I have worked as field biologist and ecologist throughout the Eastern U.S., and am a Biology lecturer at the University of Michigan- Dearborn. I have been teaching for over 20 years and have spent considerable time working with students in the classroom, in the woods, and on-line.