Maples: How to tap and make sugar

Every year people ask about maples: how to tap them, how to boil down the sap, and how to make the syrup into sugar. So I made a 3 part video that covers the basics.

Part 1: Tapping (at the beginning)- explains when and how to set your taps and when to remove them, along with trouble shooting tips and hints

Part 2: Reducing the Volume (starts at 5:43)- describes how to construct a cheap and easy outdoor oven to reduce the volume and concentrate the sap

Part 3: Final Product (starts at 9:08)- shows how to know when you have syrup, and how to take it from syrup to sugar.

The video is longer than most of my previous ones have been and provides plenty of info. So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet (pun intended). Happy sugaring everyone.

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