Black Friday Plant List

On Black Friday, I did a plant walk in Pinckney Recreation Area. Here are a few of the things we found:

Now is a great time to harvest Garlic Mustard roots. Mince them fine and mix with mayonnaise or vinegar and salt for a horseradish type condiment.
Cleavers, Botany Badge, or Bedstraw, whatever you call it, its a good green for smoothies.
Strawberry leaves stay green all winter under the snow. They can be used to make a very nice tea that is high in Vitamin C.
Chickweed is another plant that will stay green under the snow. It is fairly common and can often be found in quantities large enough to add it to salads and sandwiches.
Turkey Tail mushroom is a common woodland mushroom. Currently there is a lot of research being done on its medicinal properties.
First year Wild Carrot greens and roots make excellent soup stock. Seeds from second year plants are a good seasoning, similar to caraway.
Dead Chicory stalks give away locations where roots can be dug. The roots are roasted, ground, and added to coffee grounds to create a smoother, richer flavor.

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