Author: Minjung Godfrey

Cattail Quick Pickle

One of the most useful wild edibles is cattail. It provides starch (rhizome), vegetable (shoots and immature male flower heads), and pollen (mature male flowers) as well as other useful materials (leaves and female fruit/seed heads). I’ve missed the rhizome

Forager’s Seasoned Salt


It is almost at the end of the spruce tip season here in the Midwest, but you still can gather the new growth from spruce and fir. I like to use them to make a seasoning salt, for I do

Eastern Skunk Cabbage Experiment

By late spring each year, the wetland is covered with this lush green plant in my area (Midwest). Skunk cabbage (both eastern and western) pokes its head out flower first. When the greens are fully grown, it looks more like

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