Author: Rachel Mifsud

Chanterelle Spread

Chanterelles are one of my favorite mushrooms. I use them in a lot of different recipes, but my favorite is a spread that I like to eat on toast points. The recipe is super quick and easy, and can be

This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials

Peppergrass, Sheep Sorrel, Yarrow, St. John’s Wort, Grape Leaves, and green Black Walnuts Peppergrass, or pepperweed, is a name applied to many different members of the mustard family. All of these plants have seed pods that whorl up the stem,

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What can you do with Mayapple?

No, Mayapple is not in season right now. But I have a bunch of wild foods, including about a dozen cups of Mayapple pulp, in my freezer that was supposed to be for the Great Lakes Foragers Gathering. Since we

It’s an Allium. You Can Eat It.

Is it a ramp? Or a leek? Are those onions, chives, or garlic? I see confusion and arguments about the names of these plants on social media every spring. And I always think to myself “Who cares! It doesn’t matter

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Focus Plant: Garlic Mustard

Spring is nearly here, and one of the first spring greens is garlic mustard. While I was out in the woods this afternoon I made a quick Focus Plant video for you guys. To find garlic mustard, check shaded to

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