Author: Rachel Mifsud

Springtime Soup

This soup has several flavors of spring, including stinging nettle, wild green onion, wild asparagus, and dryad’s saddle. It is one of my favorites, so I thought I would share the recipe with you. 4-5 cloves garlic, minced 1 shallot,

Chocolate Spice Acorn Shortbread Squares

One of my followers: I wish I didn’t have to scroll through a huge story every time I look up a recipe. I don’t want to hear about your grandma, I just want to know how many eggs I need.

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10 Trees You Can ID by Fall Color

Check out my new video that will help you learn to recognize trees from afar by their fall colors. Is that woods full of oaks and hickories? Or cherry trees and sassafras? Fall color is an easy way to identify

Chanterelle Spread

Chanterelles are one of my favorite mushrooms. I use them in a lot of different recipes, but my favorite is a spread that I like to eat on toast points. The recipe is super quick and easy, and can be

This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials

Peppergrass, Sheep Sorrel, Yarrow, St. John’s Wort, Grape Leaves, and green Black Walnuts Peppergrass, or pepperweed, is a name applied to many different members of the mustard family. All of these plants have seed pods that whorl up the stem,

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