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This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials

Dandelion, Nettle, Yellow Rocket, Violet, Garlic Mustard, Alliums Dandelions are starting to flower. There are soooooo many things that you can do with this plant. Every part of it is useful. But right now the prime parts are the flowers

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Black Friday Plant List

On Black Friday, I did a plant walk in Pinckney Recreation Area. Here are a few of the things we found: Want to learn more about foraging? We have several plant walks, camps, and even an online Foraging Class. Check

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This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials

  Wild black cherries, pin cherries, choke cherries, and domesticated sweet and sour cherries are all ripening. Wild cherry varies, though small, make excellent juice, wine, and fruit leather.           Only pick small, firm pods, before

This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials

  Chenopodium is invading gardens and fields everywhere right now. It can be used any way that spinach can- raw, steamed, boiled, sauteed, added to sauces, chopped into dips, blanched and frozen. The possibilities are endless. This is probably something

This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials

  Wood sorrel pods are a special treat…nature’s sweet tarts. Try the flowers and pods on ice cream. When you find this plant in abundance (which you often do) pick a quart or so. Throw a large pat of butter