Foraging Walks

These are leisurely walks to look for edible, medicinal, and otherwise useful plants and mushrooms that are ready for harvest. It’s a pretty slow pace, we typically don’t travel more than about half a mile. But we don’t always stick directly to the trails. So dress to be on uneven ground, dirt, grass, and maybe even get into the weeds and mud a bit. The walks can accommodate slower moving individuals, as long as you can handle the terrain. Bring your camera, a notebook, and water and come find out what Mother Nature has to offer.

Check back with us occaisionally, we add walks throughout the season. For location details and to pre-register, click here. Pre-registration is not required, but it is helpful.

  • November 29, 1:00-3:00pm, Pinckney Recreation Area
  • January 1, 1:00-3:00pm, County Farm Park, Ann Arbor

Note: We may encounter thorns, mosquitoes, poison ivy, rain, etc. Dress appropriately to be in the woods. Consider long pants, hiking boots or tennis shoes, a hat, sun protection, insect protection, and water. You are welcome to bring a camera, your notebook, and your foraging basket.