Microbe Camp!! Wildcrafting Cheese, Bread, Wine, and Kimchi.

Summer camp for grown-ups!!!!

Cheese, cordials, sourdough, and kimchi fermenting in our outdoor kitchen

All fermentation processes are pretty much the same. In this camp, you will learn the basic microbial processes used to make cheeses, vinegar, beer, wine, bread, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, cordials, and more. And once you understand how it all works, we will teach you to harness wild microbes to make fermented foods and drinks…no need for commercial yeasts, or even electricity and running water! You will learn how to do this the same way our ancestors did for thousands of years.
Our primary focus will be to teach you about fermentation, but we will also take plant walks to forage for local edibles that can be fermented. And we will show you how to cook some amazing meals over the fire using our fermented foods.

Loction: near Chelsea, MI

Cost: Register here

$150 per person, $250 per couple.

Includes all materials, camping (rustic- tent, hammock, or small trailer), and lunch and dinner on Saturday. You will go home with your own set of pet microbes and a variety of fermented/fermenting foods that you helped to make.

Dates. July 10-12

We will meet on Friday evening (6-9pm), all day Saturday (9am-9pm), and Sunday morning (9am-noon)