This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials

This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials

Poke, Goosefoot, Purslane, Wild Strawberries, Mulberries, Burdock petioles, Wood Sorrel

Whenever I do these grocery lists, I always struggle to get all the parts together while the plants are still in season. If I get the write-up done, it is rainy or windy or the lighting is wrong and I have to wait for pics. By the time I get a nice day where I can take clean pics, the plants I originally wrote up aren’t always available anymore. And then, by the time I finish the new write-up, some of the plants I took pics of may be out of season. It has become a cycle that only produces a grocery list post once a month or so.

As I was trying to get photos earlier this week, attempting to get the leaves to sit still in the breeze, I thought to myself “If only I could somehow time it so that the photo would snap at the perfect moment, instead of having to take a dozen or more pics of each plant and sort through them.”

Then, when I started with the write-up, I thought to myself “If only I could speak what I want to say as I take the pictures, and somehow it would attach to the picture as I work- rather than having to write it all down before and/or after.”

Then it occurred to me that mankind has invented a miraculous technology that can capture multiple images of the same plant AND everything I want to say about the plant, all at once! I know! Crazy, right?? But it really does exist! And so, I bring to you (fanfare please) a video version of This Week’s Woodland Grocery Specials.

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