Harvesting Cattails for Weaving

Traditionally, in the north, winter was a time for handcrafts. This is when tools were made, nets and clothes were mended, and baskets were woven. I will be teaching a cattail basket weaving class this winter. The class will be online using Zoom, so in order to make a basket you will need to gather your own materials. And that needs to be done now, before the plants die back for the winter. Here you will find a quick video explaining how to harvest, prepare, and store your cattails for the class.

Class dates have not been set yet, but I will run it multiple times, as well as record the instruction for those who can’t attend live. Dates will be in January and February, and will be posted in December. Watch the Upcoming Classes and Events page at willforageforfood.com and/or the Events tab in the Will Forage for Food FB group for the class announcements.

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