Past Events

Everyone took home cheese and sourdough started and a ginger bug and kimchi and pickles and cordials and…
Pine shelter with bow and hide beds, black ash pack baskets, and phragmites welcome mat,

Look like fun?

It is!!!

Cooking a Wild Foods Meal for 70 people in 2016 at the Great Lakes Primitives Gathering.
Wild mushrooms dipped in wild yeast “beer” batter and deep fried over the fire
Practicing plant ID.






Author Lisa Rose leading a plant walk at the 3rd Annual Forager’s Gathering
Slow cooking a wild turkey in a stone and hide smoking tent.
Trapping class led by the Miller Brothers, 4th Annual Forager’s Gathering.







Inoculating mushroom logs
Orienteering lesson
Wildcrafting and relaxing at Hollerfest






Potluck lunch at the 4th Annual Forager’s Gathering
A day’s harvest at  camp
Learning mushroom ID
Dutch oven wild yeast sourdough pizza, with a mix of foraged and purchased topings
Collecting wild mushrooms
Camp kitchen

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